Nomadic Architecture Network

The projects of the Nomadic Architecture Network take place in public areas and in urban centers. They connect the participants with those living the “naked life” in the city, as they are more and more excluded by the post-capitalism. The actions-performances are detected between art and architecture, with an activist characteristic, reform momentarily the public sphere through walking, meetings, land cultivation, food. They cross the borders of race, gender, nationality, language.

Through the actions, with artistic practices under investigation, feelings and circumstances of denial, exception as well as compassion, reconciliation and revolution are expressed. The actions take place in cracks, in displacements, in crossings and in fragmentation. They concern areas in crisis, immigration and banishment issues, civil conflicts, demand of common goods. The procedure occurs through cooperation of nomadic subjects of different specialties, the involvement among themselves and the involvement with the locals as well as through the creation of “temporal communities”.

Integrated ITDC has designed and implemented the Network's new website with an emphasis on Information Architecture.

Nomadic Architecture Network


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Apr 2015