Application Development

Understand the advantages of taking your development to the next level by building cloud applications, and how we at Integrated ITDC might help.

  • Firstly, we create value and save costs for your business by migrating costly IT operations and back office to the Cloud, where the cost is more manageable. Then, utilizing the latest Cloud technologies, we offer managed business-to-business solutions to integrate different business sectors with guaranteed availability, security and reliability.
  • We can help you migrate legacy applications, data and infrastructure controlling your expenditure and clearing the way to create truly robust and scalable IT infrastructure on the Cloud.
  • Make the most out of collaborative tools and the Internet, use a common collaborative environment (such as an Extranet) to collect data and provide usable added-value services to clients, suppliers and partners.
  • We offer strong SLA-based technical support and consulting on existing and custom developed applications and systems as well as data quality assurance, IT projects change control and training.
  • Finally, we're experienced in developing & integrating systems for the academic sector, with a focus on e-learning platforms and the technical support of academic institutions.