Digital Communication

Let us see how we can work together.

In the context of designing and implementing your online marketing strategy, Integrated ITDC utilizes the combined strengths of online advertising, managed SEO & blog marketing while giving you continuous feedback on customer reach and goals. This way, we transform websites into value-added communcation and marketing tools, practically improving your online presence.

More specifically, we:

  • design and implement integrated strategic plans to take your business to the next level in the web and digital media.
  • execute all stages of our information architecture and web design with the latest & best SEO practices in mind. We also take up SEO projects for existing websites.
  • design and implement well-targeted text and banner web advertising campaigns for your business allowing you to review their success very closely.
  • utilize advanced techniques to target prospects through email campaigns, mobile SMS and smartphone applications.
  • provide consulting services or undertake the day-to-day, word-of-mouth promotion of your business or product in blogs, portals and the social media.

Also, as a part of out social media consulting, we can show you the best revenue-generating way to integrate your business with widely accepted user-generated networks and social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and how to gain the competitive advantage by utilizing the synergies of well-managed content for your business across these platforms and maximize your social reach.

  • We analyze your business's current online standing. We then work closely together to implement those strategies that will progressively and successfully integrate your business with social media and lay a foundation to capitalize upon
  • We complement traditional web advertising and banner campaigns with well-designed and targeted Facebook text advertisments
  • We design and develop promotional and/utility application for Facebook and smartphones (iOS & Android)
  • We believe in the motto 'Content is King!' and help you to create, manage and spread great content on the Web and the social media