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FIA Athens 2014

The Future Internet Assembly 2014 brings together key European Internet stakeholders between 18 and 20 March 2014 in Athens to reshape the Future Internet infrastructure for innovationis. It is a three-day event under the auspices of the EU Greek Presidency, co-organised and supported by the European Commission.


Intergraphics is a pioneering educational organization specializing in art, design and computer-aided technologies, offering unique specialization and continuing education programmes since 1990.

Integrated has delivered a full-service Google AdWords and social media consulting programme since 2012.


Apella is a web service designed to inform candidates and the public about announcements and procedures regarding the election of Faculty members in the Greek Academic Institutions.

The portal's main function is to provide concise and timely information for candidates, an overview of position announcements and act as a gateway to the Apella service.

eudoxus plus

Eudoxus plus is an academic book sharing service for the greek academic community, based on the popular Eudoxus platform.

Academic ID

Academic ID is the former "Paso" project for the Ministry of Education. Academic ID is the new, unified student document to give students access to mass transit and other services.

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