Integrated ITDC makes Google Partner

Integrated ITDC, Google Partner

Having demonstrated Google Ads expertise on all our accounts, Integrated ITDC has regained Google Partner status. We're excited at the achievement and setting sights further; on earning the mobile and video specialisations.

Happy Goats: A simple app for sheep & goat farmers

The trials began in Amalthia Farm in Florina, in northern Greece

Happy Goats. A simple and easy to use web app to help sheep and goat farmers succeed in their business.

Happy Goats is super simple and easy to use decision support app for goats & sheep farmers. The app helps farmers make management planning decisions by running different what-if scenarios for the future. It takes into account the herd size, costs & income, production and work and in return calculates critical information such as energy calculations, projected milk production, the effect of different feed practices, subsidies and profitability.

Integrated ITDC is selected for FI-PPP funding

Follwing an open call published by the the SmartAgriFood2 project, inviting SMEs to develop smart services and applications for the agri-food sector based on the validation and use of results from the SmartAgriFood (Phase 1) and FI-Space (Phase 2) FI-PPP projects, Integrated ITDC submitted its proposal which was analyzed by independent evaluators, supervised by SmartAgriFood2 and proven to meet the requirements of the call.

SmartAgriFood2 is a phase 3 FI-PPP (Future Internet Public Private Partnership) project supporting SMEs.

Integrated ITDC & FIA Athens 2014

We're proud to accounce that Integrated ITDC has been commissioned to build and support the FIA Athens 2014 website. FIA 2014 is organised by GRNET S.A., the Greek Research & Education Network. You can view more details about the project here.

Integrated ITDC website beta launch!

Our website is up!

Since November 2012 we're running in beta phase. The website's early preview includes a services section, a company profile, a contact page and an ever increasing projects listing where we demonstrate some project details, the client, the technologies used and spice it up with some screenshots.

Feedback is always welcome.

Digital Communication

Let us see how we can work together.

In the context of designing and implementing your online marketing strategy, Integrated ITDC utilizes the combined strengths of online advertising, managed SEO & blog marketing while giving you continuous feedback on customer reach and goals. This way, we transform websites into value-added communcation and marketing tools, practically improving your online presence.

Application Development

Understand the advantages of taking your development to the next level by building cloud applications, and how we at Integrated ITDC might help.