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OisFarm is an innovative sheep farm located in Peloponnese, Greece, aiming at optimising for a milk-producing flock utilising the latest breeding techniques and technologies.

Reizidis Collection

The Reizidis Collection comprises authentic, handmade oriental rugs in a wide variety of designs and top quality.
Integrated ITDC and studio b have designed and implemented the rug merchant's corporate visual identity and the collection's website with an emphasis on mobile navigation and user experience.


OneDealer is a Cloud-based automotive software which brings the 4 worlds of the automotive industry together: Dealerships, OEMs, Cars, and Drivers. The OneDealer suite includes modules for sales, after-sales, spare parts, finance and administration, ecommerce, a B2B marketplace, virtualised dealerships and cutting-edge mobile apps.

Jotun Paints

Integrated has been helping Jotun Greece target its audience and expand its visibility through managed Internet advertising services and social media content marketing.

P & M Solidakis

P & M Solidakis is a company established in 1962 in the field of aluminium frame solutions & window construction. They have a long track record in design, manufacturing, installation and support of all sorts of architectural and other projects.

Integrated ITDC has implemented the company's new website alongside a parallel digital marketing programme.

Themelio Software is a free web app to help consumers upgrade the energy consumption for new or existing buildings by locating certified frame & windows manufacturers all over Greece and receiving price quotes. The user may choose between apps to design their windows and frame requirements and either calculate their future energy savings or ask for a price quote.

Integrated ITDC has designed the company's internet and media campaign.


Technair is an industrial and commercial air filtration solutions vendor based in Athens, Greece.

Integrated ITDC was commissioned to build the company's new website and implement a basic strategic web marketing plan.


Intergraphics is a pioneering educational organization specializing in art, design and computer-aided technologies, offering unique specialization and continuing education programmes since 1990.

Integrated has delivered a full-service Google AdWords and social media consulting programme since 2012.


Dr.DOM is a leading Greek manufacturer and procurer of wooden frames, doors, windows and fixtures since 2001. Dr.Dom's wooden frames are manufactured according to strictest european and global standards.

Integrated has delivered the company's new website as well as a full-service SEO, link building, Google AdWords and social media consulting plan.


Eurodoor is a company with a 4 decades long presence in the field of aluminium profiles construction and installation. Integrated ITDC designed and developed their new website and managed two targeted Google AdWords campaigns to raise awareness and revenues.