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OisFarm is an innovative sheep farm located in Peloponnese, Greece, aiming at optimising for a milk-producing flock utilising the latest breeding techniques and technologies.


OneDealer is a Cloud-based automotive software which brings the 4 worlds of the automotive industry together: Dealerships, OEMs, Cars, and Drivers. The OneDealer suite includes modules for sales, after-sales, spare parts, finance and administration, ecommerce, a B2B marketplace, virtualised dealerships and cutting-edge mobile apps.

Jotun Paints

Integrated has been helping Jotun Greece target its audience and expand its visibility through managed Internet advertising services and social media content marketing.

P & M Solidakis

P & M Solidakis is a company established in 1962 in the field of aluminium frame solutions & window construction. They have a long track record in design, manufacturing, installation and support of all sorts of architectural and other projects.

Integrated ITDC has implemented the company's new website alongside a parallel digital marketing programme.


Intergraphics is a pioneering educational organization specializing in art, design and computer-aided technologies, offering unique specialization and continuing education programmes since 1990.

Integrated has delivered a full-service Google AdWords and social media consulting programme since 2012.


Trofoupoli (Foodtown) is an integrated concept aiming at sensitizing children and parents on issues of nutrition and children development through a series of educational and other recreational activities.

Integrated ITDC have developed their website and offered consulting on web marketing and the digital media