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OisFarm is an innovative sheep farm located in Peloponnese, Greece, aiming at optimising for a milk-producing flock utilising the latest breeding techniques and technologies.

TCN directory

Integrated ITDC was commissioned to design and develop Total Care Network's web directory for doctors and diagnostic centres which belong to the network, with location capabilities and an emphasis on user experience.

Reizidis Collection

The Reizidis Collection comprises authentic, handmade oriental rugs in a wide variety of designs and top quality.
Integrated ITDC and studio b have designed and implemented the rug merchant's corporate visual identity and the collection's website with an emphasis on mobile navigation and user experience.

Expert Events

Expert Events offers integrated PCM, conference and events planning and management services. They handle scientific conferences in a national or international scale, corporate meetings as well as incentive activities and trips. It holds industry-specific knowledge, and addresses its services to a wide range of customers, whether in the scientific or commercial field, with innovative ideas, practices and modern solutions.

Total Care Network

Total Care Network (TCN) is a managed care provider to insurance companies and healthcare organizations, offering integrated services intended to optimize the cost of health benefits and improve the quality of care. TCN’s mission is to ensure high-quality healthcare services to policyholders as well as optimised healthcare costs to the insurance companies.


Unisteel is a construction and procurement company, active in road safety projects. Its activities include importing and marketing and installing Road Safety Barriers, Road Restraint Systems, Crash Cushion Systems and undertaking any road safety project-related activities.
Integrated ITDC and studio b designed and implemented the company's visual identity and digital presence through a number of web and print publications.

Expert IT Consulting

Expert IT Consulting SA is an industry leader in software for the medical and insurance sectors. It designs custom solutions tailored to the need of each client.

Integrated ITDC cooperated with Studio b to design the corporate identity and implement its website.

P & M Solidakis

P & M Solidakis is a company established in 1962 in the field of aluminium frame solutions & window construction. They have a long track record in design, manufacturing, installation and support of all sorts of architectural and other projects.

Integrated ITDC has implemented the company's new website alongside a parallel digital marketing programme.

Ιερά Μητρόπολη Μαδαγασκάρης

The official website of the Orthodox Holy Archdiocese of Madagascar includes informational material and presentations of the humanitarian and missionary activities of the Archdiocese. It also includes an online collection of photo, video and text media as well as an informational blog.

Integrated ITDC has designed and implemented the project.

Nomadic Architecture Network

The projects of the Nomadic Architecture Network take place in public areas and in urban centers. They connect the participants with those living the “naked life” in the city, as they are more and more excluded by the post-capitalism. The actions-performances are detected between art and architecture, with an activist characteristic, reform momentarily the public sphere through walking, meetings, land cultivation, food. They cross the borders of race, gender, nationality, language.