The team

Great ideas come from people with a vision and a passionate imagination.


Integrated ITDC is a team of talented and experienced professionals that seek to create value from original and well-implemented ideas. We come from the world of information technology, advertising and communcations. Since 2008, we have joined forces under a common vision: to establish a company to design and implement innovative information technology and digital communications solutions with real, measurable value.

The objective

We work with digital media. Our objective is to cultivate and develop our client's online presence through smart online applications and targeted communication campaigns that aim to efficiently promote their online presence and brand reputation.

We know that a functional and well-designed website cannot, by itself, achieve this goal unless it is complemented with well-planned and targeted campaigns to help maximize reach though web search, partners, blogs, social media and user communities.

The philosophy

In the realm of digital communication, we design and implement solutions that combine our passion, expertise and innovation. We offer our clients easy access to powerful online and traditional communication tools to help them maximize social reach, build reputation and create strong sales.

Every campaign is thoroughly planned by a seasoned team of experts in the field of digital communication, to reach its goals in an efficient & integrated way, thus guaranteeing our clients' satisfaction as well as a quick return of investment.

For us, digital media and the Internet constitute the "fertile ground" in which the brand of a modern company should be cultivated. Sales, customer relations and public image today depend all too well on a company's standing in online search rankings, web advertising and social media campaigns.