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11 Apr 2022

Following a competitive process, we have been selected to be Energy expertise and technology providers for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, alongside longtime trusted partners IS2.

9 Oct 2020

Omnichannel marketing, often mistaken for multichannel marketing, is a cross channel approach that aims on maximum user engagement through a consistent brand expe

29 May 2019

The reason every modern business has to invest in their digital presence is oftentimes heard as a variation of this: “Internet users spend hours on their computer or cellphones researching their pu

13 May 2019

Welcome to our new website. We hope you enjoy the new layout and find it easy to navigate. Don’t hesitate to browse through and hit us back with any feedback or suggestions.

22 Oct 2018

Having demonstrated Google Ads expertise on all our accounts, Integrated ITDC has regained Google Partner status.

26 Jan 2017

We're proud to be exhibiting the newest version of Happy Goats in Zootechnia 2017 between 2 and 5 February 2017, which coincides with the product's marke

26 Feb 2016

Happy Goats. A simple and easy to use web app to help sheep and goat farmers succeed in their business.

6 Mar 2015

Follwing an open call published by the the SmartAgriFood2 project, inviting SMEs to develop smart services and applications for the agri-food sector based on the validation and use of results from

19 Dec 2013

We're proud to accounce that Integrated ITDC has been commissioned to build and support the FIA Athens 2014 website.