Is omnichannel marketing for me?

9 Oct 2020

Omnichannel marketing, often mistaken for multichannel marketing, is a cross channel approach that aims on maximum user engagement through a consistent brand experience. It utilizes all possible channels that a company can own such as physical store, e-Commerce website, social media, mobile apps, e-mail marketing etc. Τhe channels cooperate rather than working in parallel.

Which brands use it?

Omnichannel marketing is adopted by a large number of companies, from Disney and Topshop to Timberland and Sephora, customers have the ability to efficiently navigate through multiple channels, websites, find products on mobile applications, scan items, create wish-lists, complete orders, communicate with chat bots and many more. This integrated interaction transforms completely the user experience. As a result, the customer experience is augmented and coherent, thereby the engagement is increased.

Do I need it?

By adopting an omnichannel approach, customer experience is optimized, offering consistency and ensuring customer needs are fully satisfied. Therefore even though it’s not a prerequisite for success, it is obviously an advantage for a modern business.

Integrated omnichannel strategy