Are you discoverable online?

The reason every modern business has to invest in their digital presence is oftentimes heard as a variation of this: “Internet users spend hours on their computer or cellphones researching their purchases on Google, social media and other online channels”. Public opinion on market-leading products and services is nowadays formulated online.

But how easy is it for our brand to always be easily discoverable by our ideal customer either when they search on Google or when browsing websites or social media?

Let's go over the major available channels:


Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website. We hope you enjoy the new layout and find it easy to navigate. Don’t hesitate to browse through and hit us back with any feedback or suggestions.

Integrated is creative digital agency, with deep multidisciplinary experience in information technology, digital media and communication, offering you a winning digital strategy and omni-channel solutions with concrete results.


Jotun is a leading global supplier of protective paints and powder coatings. The company holds a robust presence in West Europe where its Marine Coatings products and solutions to the global marine fleet are regarded as the best in the market.

Integrated ITDC has provided digital strategy consulting services for organic audience reach for various Jotun WE countries, including PPC campaigns, display advertising and brand awareness, social media strategic content marketing and creative services for digital and print media. 

Special Secretariat for PPPs

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) constitute an important reform towards the construction of public infrastructure and the provision of qualitative services to citizens. PPPs are long term contracts between private and public sector entities, aiming at implementing projects and delivering services.

Integrated ITDC has participated in the development of the Secretariat's new content-oriented website.


OneDealer is a Cloud-based automotive software which brings the 4 worlds of the automotive industry together: Dealerships, OEMs, Cars, and Drivers. The OneDealer suite includes modules for sales, after-sales, spare parts, finance and administration, ecommerce, a B2B marketplace, virtualised dealerships and cutting-edge mobile apps.

Integrated ITDC has been providing digital strategic planning and content marketing services to connect OneDealer with their audience.

Future Internet Assembly

The Future Internet Assembly brought together key European Internet stakeholders in Athens to reshape the Future Internet infrastructure for innovation. It was a three-day event under the auspices of the EU Greek Presidency, co-organised and supported by the European Commission.

Happy Goats: A simple app for sheep & goat farmers

Happy Goats. A simple and easy to use web app to help sheep and goat farmers succeed in their business.

Happy Goats is super simple and easy to use decision support app for goats & sheep farmers. The app helps farmers make management planning decisions by running different what-if scenarios for the future. It takes into account the herd size, costs & income, production and work and in return calculates critical information such as energy calculations, projected milk production, the effect of different feed practices, subsidies and profitability.

Integrated ITDC is selected for FI-PPP funding

Follwing an open call published by the the SmartAgriFood2 project, inviting SMEs to develop smart services and applications for the agri-food sector based on the validation and use of results from the SmartAgriFood (Phase 1) and FI-Space (Phase 2) FI-PPP projects, Integrated ITDC submitted its proposal which was analyzed by independent evaluators, supervised by SmartAgriFood2 and proven to meet the requirements of the call.

SmartAgriFood2 is a phase 3 FI-PPP (Future Internet Public Private Partnership) project supporting SMEs.